linear paternoster beads.

Two linear paternoster strings.
The first with 22 Lapis Lazuli gemstones, the beads at each end slightly larger, based on the paternosters seen in paintings such as Jan van Eyck's "Arnofini Portrait" of 1434, and Rogier van der Weyden's "The Magdalene Reading".

The second, a "century" of 100 coral beads (ethically sourced dyed bamboo coral, as a substitute for endangered red coral) with three crystal pater beads, and white tassels, based on paternosters depicted in art, from the late 14th century into the early 16th century.

These linear strings seem to have been commonly seen in men's portraits.

Each paternoster comes in a velvet bag and a presentation box.

Sale price
Lapis: £40.00
Coral and Crystal, £70.00

Sale price: £40-70

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