Straight Razor in the style of 1550-1600

A Straight Razor from the 2nd half of the 16th century.

Loosely based on examples found in the Gnalić shipwreck, Croatia, tentatively identified as the Venetian merchant ship "Gagiana", which sank during a storm in 1583, with a cargo of German and Venetian trade goods; including ceramic and glassware from Venice, rolls of latten sheet and wire, spectacles, and razors from Germany.

This example is an O1 steel hollow-ground straight razor with one-piece boxwood handle, slotted by hand to form the handle.  It is sharpened to around a 4000 grit edge, but not honed to razor-sharpness.

Sale price: £125

Under terms of the Knife dealers licence (Scotland):
It is an offence to sell to a person under the age of 18 any knife or knife blade (except if the person is aged 16 or over and the knife or blade is designed for domestic use).
It is also an offence to sell to a person under the age of 18 any razor blade, axe, sword or other article which has a blade or which is sharply pointed and which is made or adapted for use for causing injury.
A customer may be asked to provide details of his/her age and identity (which may be recorded or copied and kept for inspection for up to 3 years).